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  1. The candy one looks so cute! I love the colors, the go well together. I'm not a huge fan of the custard one though. It looks kind of boring in my opinion.
  2. Here's three more! The Ice Caves' one took awhile to get for me.
  3. I really like #3, #4, and #13 the most.? I wish all the contestants good luck in this contest!
  4. I got 3 more avatars. I'm really happy that I'm making progress on my avatar collection!
  5. Some of my keys don’t work on my computer sadly. So I have to click the refresh button and whatnot. Thank you, I’ll get it eventually. Congratz on getting the HT Richer avatar!
  6. Hi! I hope you have been enjoying the forums so far. I know I have! Awesome! I know 100% that the people in the avatar lending program and pet lending program are trustworthy and I’m glad for that. If I have any questions about it, I will let you know. I hope your day has been going well. That’s very nice of you. I can’t really pick a favorite because I like a ton of different animals. I have 7 cockatiels (3 are babies and we will be giving one away as a gift to a nice lady), 3 ferrets, and one mini pig. I love them all and they are all adorable. Cats are awesome!
  7. I just got the Forgotten Shore one. It didn’t take that long either. Lately I’ve been getting barely anything from the Forgotten Shore. I’m surprised I was even able to get this avatar today. I seem to not be able to get the Mutant Graveyard of Doom one yet. I’ve refreshed HUNDREDS of times (I’m not even exaggerating) and I still haven’t got it. I just have to keep trying and I will eventually get it. I just hope it’s soon.
  8. I was really confused as well. A few of my neofriends have the default avatar too. I’m glad I saw this post because if I didn’t I would still be confused on what was going on.?
  9. I love photography as well. I love looking at beautiful photography. I enjoy Disney as well. I don’t have a specific genre of video games I play, I just try ones that interest me. I’m also collecting video games as well. Some of the games and series I like are; Silent Hill 2 & 3, Pokemon, Sonic, Borderlands, Legend of Zelda, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Fallout, Bioshock, Harvest Moon FOMT, Mario, etc. Like with video games, I don’t have a specific genre I will only read. I like to read different genres of books. The last book I’ve read is Hour of the Bees which is a really good book
  10. I didn’t even take into consideration story. I need to read up on the faeries’ stories since I don’t know much about them. Maybe my opinion will change if I do some research on all the faeries. I really like her too! Her character design is awesome. Good choices. I can’t remember 100% what The Darkest Faerie looks like, but I remember liking her. I also like the Space Faerie’s design as well! That’s awesome! To me, all the faeries have good character designs. Illusen cool, when I was younger, I used to have my computer background of her. ?
  11. Thank you! I’m have a good time so far. I also really like that there’s an avatar lending program here as well. I hope I can talk to a lot of people on here and make more friends.
  12. Those are so cute! I have a little collection of Pokemon plushies that I would love to make bigger. I think a lot of Pokémon are really cute and when they are in plushie form, they are even cuter!
  13. What I like to do to make neopoints is play ghoul catchers (Easy 50k in my opinion), do dailes, collect bank interest, partipate in Food Club, use the Stock Market, restock my store, and play a few easy games. So I can get 50k+ np per day which I’m very thankful for. I hope this helps! ?
  14. Hi and welcome! I’m new to the forums as well. My Neopets username is sweet_serenity99 I like to collect things as well on Neopets. Right now I’m collecting plushies but I plan to collect other things as well. I hope you enjoy it here.
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