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  1. Older as in most people playing Neopets are older. And I definitely know that older adults aren't as tech savvy as people in their mid twenties or early thirties and younger. Know how I know? Because they're not as familiar with the technology as people my age. We grew up using it, they didn't. I still don't understand all this "their resources are limited!" stuff everyone's talking about. NetDragon a multi-BILLION dollar company with 3.3 thousand employees. Yeah, they're soooo limited. ? NetDragon's resources aren't limited, they're just neglecting Neopets. As long as the NC Mall is open and releasing new items for people that keep buying them, then it's a viable revenue stream. If Neopets was losing them money, they would've sold it off by now. They're not even bothering to hire someone for quality control. There's so much mistreatment with Neopets that it makes my head spin. That's not limited resources, it's greed. All this bitterness towards Neopets... which is why I'm not visiting Neopets (or this forum site) anymore. That's one of my resolutions, and I plan on sticking by it. The only reasons I stayed so long is nostalgia and this community. So farewell everyone, it was a nice run. I'll miss you guys, but I think I'll be better off elsewhere.
  2. @jellysundae Yeah, you're right about that too. Some people refuse to use them because they want to support the companies/content creators/etc on those websites. I'm pretty sure Neopets gets paid whether the displayed ad is clicked on or not (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, anyone). Although I assume clicking on it probably gets them more revenue, I find it kinda sad that there's all these items with outright wrong names. What if someone in the future wants an underwater background, so they search "underwater"? They won't be able to find that one, and it's a pretty background. ? Looks like there's one day left of the Advent Calendar, which means it's time to start coming up with resolutions for 2020! Kinda crazy that this decade is almost over already! ? Time sure flies!
  3. There's a surprising amount of people that don't use adblockers, especially on a site like Neopets. A large percentage of Neopets users are older and might not be as tech savvy. Underground Kiko Lake Background Seriously? That typo still isn't fixed? Didn't they read any messages about it? This is probably my favorite item from the Advent Calendar so far: Holiday Scratch Card Kiosk Background It might work in some customizations, I dunno.
  4. SSS (profile) 36 43 +7 6,000 60,000 258,000 +330.00% Why have the stocks been so low lately? This is the highest one I have.
  5. Well yeah, but surely all of the ads are generating a decent amount of revenue. If you don't keep the F2P users happy, then that's less ad revenue for them. They've probably weighed the pros and cons of the ads with paying a new artist already, and figured it wasn't worth it. It would make the player base happier though.
  6. Congratulations! What a precise throw. You have a real knack for this, I think. Here is your prize: Healing Potion XI Press X to doubt
  7. But them focusing on NC items would come across as greedy. Can they not afford to hire another few artists? Have some of them work on NP items, and the other ones can work on NC items. I dunno, just an idea. I want to cut them slack here, but there's only so many chances I can give one company before I start thinking "hey, maybe they're not good at running this website".
  8. Well it's on Hulu, maybe I'll check it out. As for South Park, it's pretty funny, but it's always played for laughs. I like comedy, but I also like emotion. It's something The Simpsons (Well, the first 8 seasons) has that South Park lacks. A show that's constantly played for laughs with little else doesn't keep me engaged for very long.
  9. @jellysundae With all due respect... what are you talking about? What resources are they limited on?
  10. You carefully walk in and pick up a scratchcard from the pile of treasure, and then run for your life!!!!! Race to Riches Scratchcard Well I lost on yesterday's scratchcard, so I bet this one's a winner The Kiosk Wocky says 'YOU WON!!!' YOUR PRIZE : 5,000 Neopoints!!! Eeyup. More NPs for my bank Too bad that it's about to end, I wish it was year round
  11. Was the 29th a new video, or is it more recycled footage? ?
  12. And now I gave up on South Park. I'm re-watching House MD for the third or forth time.
  13. So then the real question is... has JS given up on being creative? I feel like that question is rhetorical though. Items look nearly identical to other ones, descriptions are wrong, videos are reused, not to mention Altador Cup and Charity Corner this year were plagued with bugs... How much slack can we cut one company? I know they're transitioning away from Flash, but this has been going on for years. Remember the item that was taken from fanart? That was before Flash announced it was stopping, but during the JS era. I know that's only one instance, but reasons like that make it hard for me to take "they're transitioning to HTML5" as an excuse. I just think JS is bad at running a website like Neopets. Sorry if this post upsets people, but I kinda reached my boiling point and felt like I had to say something about it. I have to admit, the main reason I stick around nowadays is the community. I've lost basically all interest in the actual Neopets website.
  14. Yeah, I gave up on that. I think I made it to season 13 or 14, but the episodes were so unfunny that I gave up. Now I'm watching South Park.
  15. Wow! I was certainly wasn't expecting this. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Grundo - Discarded Plushie' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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