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  1. I'd like to know how to find SDB and quickstock. There's little point in redesigning web pages that don't tell users how to find what they are looking for. That's basic web design. Also text colours are not always easy to read. These are beginners's mistakes.
  2. in the battledome for Obelisk Skirmish I'm getting 'error sending score' repeatedly so whilst I can't complete fight it takes points off my score.
  3. I've been watching TinyKittens.com. They also have a facebook page. I sit and watch them then realize it's 3 hours later.
  4. I know the prize shop is closing 15/5/20 so I thought I'd go along and see if I'd claimed my prize. Unfortunately I can't find the prize shop and any links just go round in circles. Anyone know where I can find it? I have 35000 for the staff tournament which I don't think I've claimed and I've got till midnight to do so. Thanks for any help. Just found from another site that prize shop closed yesterday and was closed from 15/5, not on 15/5. It was closed on 14/5/20. Ah well, there's always next year.
  5. @jellysundae Even scarier are front line health staff reusing one use PPE.
  6. I got my prizes today. A bit disappointed in them but I only managed to complete 16 and they are only games...
  7. Now that's 5 games I can't do. No matter how easy they are for others they aren't for me but then I found some games easy that others didn't. At least I've now got a year to improve.
  8. I want you to spoil it. I need all the advance warnng I can get. I still have 4 games to do.
  9. I tried several times to use the code and it would only take 11 of the letters. I was about to give up when I tried inputting it in upper case and it accepted that. pressed continue and it went back to the empty text box, tried two more times before it finally accepted the code. I was beginning to think that the game was getting it to accept the code. But evenyually I got 413 and I'm happy with that.
  10. I just made sure the head was aligned with the anchor then hit the space bar. Once the power turned orange I let go so the power doesn't go right up to 100%. It worked for me.
  11. My previous high score for Petpet Cannonball was 58, not hopeful for today's game but I got 718. It was so easy, once I worked out what I was doing. The next few days aren't good though and I still have 5 games to do and try and beat Abigail.
  12. My high score for this game is 25. So I'm not going to be worried if I don't beat Abigail. In fact I'll be pleased if I get into triple figures. I have the same problem as jellysundae - slow reaction times and I get confused with the controls but I think there are 4 games left where I could do well.
  13. Well I've still got 3 to do. Managed to get to 273 For Bumble Beams but I'll try again later. Today was easy but tomorrow I don't think I'll do well. Still it's not worth getting stressed about. It's only a game. (And take some deep breaths...)
  14. Abigail's score seems quite high to me if that's supposed to be easier to reach - it's not. High score so far today 193.
  15. I managed to beat Abigail which was good as my previous was 325. I found it easiest to get all the pieces first then work from TDN solutions instead of trying to fit this triangle here and that one there or should it be somewhere else altogether. Bumble Beams tomorrow.
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