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I tend to forget as I'm sometimes really busy and think "I'll reply later today" Then later that day I just hit the "unread Content" button and this post isn't there so I end up completely forgetting until it pops up again.

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It wasn't too bad this morning or when I rode back home but it's been raining on and off all day. Having a lazy day with my cats watching Netflix is cool too for a week off from work. Now I'm just hoping to get a dry spot in a few hours when I need to ride my bicycle to training.

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Out of Scoob's two options the first looks very pretty!

Pie is way more of a thing in the US than it is here in the UK, we have SO many other options when it comes to puds that pie's definitely an also ran. Intentionally using the term pudding here, because that is what we call all dessert, it's only called dessert on restaurant menus. xD

Maybe it's because we don't have diners like the US has? Somewhere where (according to every US TV show ever) there's a variety of pie options available at all times? In cafes/tea rooms/coffee shops etc. here we absolutely lean more towards cake and pastries.


Here we go, this is the (somewhat sparse!) selection at a local garden centre's cafe.


Lots of cake, several cheesecakes, Danish, flapjacks, and some excellent-looking sausage rolls... 🤤

There's one thing on the middle shelf there that's got a pie-crust look about it...


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