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Happy Kacheek Day!


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The 8-Bit design is so cute! Love the Zelda vibes from the clothes!

Awwww, it's a fennec fox!! I love the super fluffy ears and tail, though I think the face is a little too cutesy looking... I think it's the rosy cheeks, aside from that' it's real adorable!

The storm one is actually fantastic! I wish we had a Color like this! 😮 Excellently designed!

Some wonderful new items for the Kacheeks!

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I liked the design of the 8-bit kacheek. So I used my 8-bit power up on one of my kacheeks. I immediately decided i hated it and used a cloud paint brush so that was a waste. Nice idea, I don't think 8 bit neopets are right for me. I will certainly be getting the clothing though. So cute!

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