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Happy Elephante Day!


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I love this Relic Elephante, the gold decor is perfect, along with the shiny emeralds, it all looks like a real statue you'd find hidden in some overgrown ruins... I would prefer if there was less of the vines around it, just so the gold and finer details can be seen better, but still a wonderful Color overall!

The Imaginary Friend Outfit is so delightful, I also think it's based on Bing Bong from Inside Out, and it's perfect for a lively, memorable friend. The eyes standing out almost fits, like the entire body was imagined in great detail, but the eyes are just like a cartoon!

The mammoth tusks are great, nice and simple! The icy ones are personally my favorite, really good color and looks refreshingly chilly! The magma ones are really cool, great detail, I just wished they fit a little more with the Magma Elephante... And the banana ones are just so silly, who doesn't love some cute fruity tusks?

A really wonderful day, Elephantes!

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