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Happy Techo Day!


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All of this is so cool! What a nice little glow up for Techos! The tails are pretty cool too! No tornado tail for wind elements though. :^C Would have looked kinda cool and worked well since the tail is more vertical, but oh well.

4 hours ago, berriganify said:

That valentine colour is kinda... plain, isn't it? Those people who says they've been simplifying the val pets more and more are kinda on to something. I would have had the tail curving into the shape of a heart, myself.

This is actually my first time seeing these Valentine's colors, so as it was, I thought it was pretty cute. Looking at the other Valentines pets so far though, I think at least a little bow or something on the tail at the very least could have been a cute little choice. Maybe a lil' techo bowtie. They could have thrown more of a little red in there to make it a little more dynamic or different-- red is associated with Valentines too, after all.


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Yeah, I agree, they definitely could've added something to the Valentine Techo. Maybe the pupils could be hearts, or like @berriganify and @Pascalla said, the tail being like a heart or a bowtie would look adorable! I do like the colors, but it just feels a little too basic, like they mixed the Pink and Pastel Colors.

The lizard Outfit is amazing! I love the details of each of the scales, plus the cute little tongue!! I'm a big fan of lizards in general, so maybe I'm biased, but I adore this one hehe.

And the Chesterdrawers themed Outfit is great too! Pretty neat, tidy clothes, they fit a good antique design.

Once again, we get elementals, but where's the air?! All of these tails look so detailed, yet they still don't want to add some kind of air-related one. Weird! But regardless, looking at them, they all bring something very pretty. The fire is shiny and luminant, the plants are twisty and colorful, and the water is wild and fun! Some good work here!

A very wonderful day, Techos!

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21 hours ago, Pascalla said:

Maybe a lil' techo bowtie.

Ahhh a bowtie would have be perfect! Also the swirls on the knees and elbows could have been heart-shaped, too. Lots of options for creativity, but it's like they just pasted the pattern on top of the techo base and called it a day? 🤷‍♂️

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The outfit is very nice. Reminds me of the Gila Lizard. I like the fact that lots of these outfits are almost new colours in and of themselves. I also really like the woodland tail!

But yeah, Valentine is underwhelming. It's just a copy and paste of a bland colour scheme onto most pet. No innovation or creativeness. It's like the Cybunny tail could have been a heart. The only really nice one they've released has been the Draik with the heart details on the tail.

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