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Happy Meerca Day!


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The chipmunk is scary, good scary? To be determined...

But I loooove the look of the tails! The alligator one is gorgeous, the insect-looking one too. They're all gorgeous. I don't always like the clothing items that are too realistic, but this was a great balance.


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The Transparent Meerca is actually kinda cute! I love that you can see the little buck teeth below the mouth! XD The tailbone also looks very neat through the long outer tail!

The chipmunk one is... unique. I love the detailing of the fur and the big peanut it's holding but... that face...

The spy Outfit on the other hand is very nice! I like the sword and paper held on its back, and the colors are just right. The tail having 3 different belts on it seems like a very odd idea, but I think it works anyway! It's a good way to be creative. 🙂

The first tail makes me think of a ring-tailed lemur! Very fluffy and cute! The scaly one is like a crocodile's, and the shiny detailing is superb! The spotted tail could look nice on some Colors and designs, though on its own it looks a bit creepy-crawly haha. And finally, the most magnificent one in my eyes, the peacock tail! The colors are gorgeous, and I'd love to see what people could use it for on their Meercas! :D

A very lovely day for Meercas!

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On 8/20/2023 at 6:15 AM, berriganify said:

I'm so conflicted, because that spy outfit is so lovely........ but.... meercas are just... too round :crying_anim:

I am in agreement. But that Peacock tail is wonderful... I kinda want a meerca just for the tail!

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