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Bullseye II


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I was playing this game back in May, yes that's right, MAY! May 2 I sent a ticket to Neo letting them know that my scores were not registering on the score table. I told them I screen shot my game scores so I could prove I was withing the score table for a trophy. I told them this had been happening for a couple of days. I continued to try to send my high scores so I could earn a trophy.  Do you think they asked for the screenshots? Do you think they gave me a trophy? Do you think they got right back to me saying it was fixed to try again?     THE ANSWER IS NO TO ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS! Ok so why do I bring it up now? Well yesterday evening I got an email from Alice. She thanked me for writing in and told me the programmers are now aware of this problem and are working on the issue. She said hopefully it will be resolved shortly. OK come on! It took since May 2 until July 13 to answer that ticket! Then I get another message from Neo asking me if I would rate the support I received. Oh I did just that since they said they would love to hear what I think of customer service. Well, I haven't been banned yet but it may take 2 1/2 months for them to read the reply. I'm just aggravated that it took so long to reply.

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After the festival of neggs, I didn't get my bython.  Didn't know I needed to look at some story stuff in the event, so I figured it was lost until a couple weeks later when it showed up as an oops.  I sent a ticket in to say thank you, since that's the only contact I could find on the site, THOUGHT I made it clear I was thanking them for sending it late, then a couple months later got an email saying "oh, sorry!  Since the event is over, we can't award things :("  Um, okay.  Thanks?

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4 hours ago, GillyTook said:

THOUGHT I made it clear I was thanking them for sending it late, then a couple months later got an email saying "oh, sorry!  Since the event is over, we can't award things :("  Um, okay.  Thanks?

I don't know if they do not read the messages we send or if they don't know how to read. I would like to know why it takes more than 2 months to answer messages that they should be able to answer within a week at the most. I do understand they must get lots of tickets but maybe they should hire other people. I have never received a message from anyone but Alice and Nico(?) So, maybe the 2 month turnaround for a simple answer that really doesn't solve the issue. Just imagine how long it takes when they have a real problem to solve. Well I'll tell you. I have a lot of pets and I can dress up all of them but my main pet Legretta_Abyss.   

When they changed the closet to the *new look* I was unable to take the close off and redress my pet. I can do that with every other pet but this one. I have requested through tickets that they take the existing clothes and items off of my pet and put them in my closet. I asked them from the beginning of the new closet design. They say send 1 ticket. Well when does it become long enough to send another ticket? I send a ticket once at least every 6 months and also if I send a ticket for another reason I always mention my pet and the closet issue. So far I have never got a response. They have the ability to go into our accounts I think. I don't know why they can't fix this problem. I certainly can't fix it. I have also tried to remove all the items from my pet by using different browsers. Google Firefox, Microsoft Edge, WaterFox and even Chrome (which I never use). I don't know what else I can do without their help.

OK, complaining to you all isn't doing anything but causing you all to think I'm a nut case. One last thought, the closets were all changed over 2 years ago? Enough time to reply to my ticket!

Here is what I see...  image.png.5c206479cd93152ed056f6f233240496.png

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5 hours ago, hrtbrk said:

How many items do you have in your closet @granny63020? If you have more than 650 items, you should allow the increased item limit in your Neopets Preferences if it's not already. It may allow the page to load. 

In the old days I kept the closet with no limit. I would buy NP and NC items and put them in the closet just so I had them. When  Neo switched over and I was hearing of others having a problem with the new closet I went and changed the setting to allow the closet limit and I removed all items I wasn't planning to use right away until I got it down to 575. That's where it's at now. I haven't added anything in a very long time although I would love too. I was a closet freak, I love buying and putting stuff in the closet. Unfortunately those days are over.  It is just the  1 pet that is hopelessly stuck. At the time of the switch over my main pet was the only one I really put effort into. The other pets I had were only dressed in basic wear, never trying to fancy them up. Even today I don't go overboard with the other pets. They could be naked for all I care. LOL I am only concerned with Legretta_Abyss.

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I hate to revive an old thread, but I think there is some reason why the support is so slow. Neopets was practically running on fumes for many years, and at a loss. Around June 2023, JumpStart did shut down, and the Neopets servers were transferred to Fluffy Dog Studios, and I bet this transfer was really hectic. 

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