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Happy Koi Day!


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I like the wispy details that the bones make the fins look, although it is a bit odd haha. Many Transparent designs are, but this one isn't too bad!

The ribbons are SO CUTE it makes the Koi look like a pom pom! I could just imagine how pretty it'd look as the Koi swims in the water 🙂

The other Outfit is also quite good, I like the angler-fish kind of antennae, though I don't know how I feel about the spikes... The whiskers and dorsal fin are alright though.

Definitely an unique collection of new designs for Koi Day!

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I definitely side eyed the anglerfish's angle for a moment.  Guess it's a good thing it goes on the fish.  I've never wanted a koi before, but that ribbon set makes me just grumble about how I need to shell out for some neocash and figure out where I want the extra pet slots because it is SOOO cute.  Don't like the transparent, but I've never liked them in any pet, so that's not really any sort of surprise.

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