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Vote for the obelisk War! Round 251


Which faction are you joining this round?  

5 members have voted

  1. 1. Which faction are you joining?

    • Seekers
    • Brute Squad
    • Awakened

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Which faction are you joining for this round?

So, vote!

Good luck!

You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons.

Oxbridge Prediction:


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TBH I'm thinking about bucking the trend/prediction in this case and going with The Seekers. I don't care for the Brute Squad's boons, and I would imagine people probably want boons that will help increase their NP holdings with the war-inflation going on before the battle-plot has even been announced.

I haven't decided for sure yet. But that's the way I am leaning on this one.

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23 minutes ago, GillyTook said:

You only get the boons if your faction wins, right?  (sorry, that's a really stupid question, isn't it?)

Right and if you've won 10 or more battles during the skirmish.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. 😉

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I know this is may not be the right choice but I think I am going with the Awakened.


Well this certainly was the wrong fraction! Maybe next time.

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