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Happy Wocky Day!


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the burlap's alright. people definitely seem to like it lol. i'm not a big wocky fan anyway so my only real takeaway from it is that it seems that the artists are continuing the trend of cutsey burlaps rather than the creepy ones they started out as. which is disappointing in what it implies for future burlaps, but... oh well, i guess. not much we can do about it.

the outfit it..


yeah, let's go with that.

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The Burlap Wocky looks like a toy that MY cat would play with, not an actual pet itself haha. But really It's kinda cute looking just not my cup of tea! And the outfit well... It reminds me of when I was under 7 and would go to jeepers for my birthday party and get a birthday pinata filled with candy. Note it did not last long that candy had to be mine MWAHAHA!

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I actually quite like this one, although the fur might be a bit overload... Still cute in its own way though!

And uh... that certainly is quite the new clothes design haha! Personally I think it's a bit overload with all the details and wings and tail, but standalone they're all great! I'm sure it could look well with some other clothes 🙂

An interesting day indeed for the Wockies!

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