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  1. The Seekers Because they have the best odds this week. It's also been 6 rounds since they have won, And from what I have learned, most often is the case is that the longer a team goes without a win the more likley said team wins due to people that need avatars and like to have different boons. Side note I don't need any avatars this week I was just saying its a factor.
  2. I got my toy paint brush as well. I don't have any side accounts just my main account that I have had since childhood. At least you got your item on your main account. I'm kinda shocked that some people got two items and others got them on side accounts. It still seems very glitchy so I hope that they get the bugs out by next week.
  3. I just checked a little while ago still not working... I also sent a ticket to TNT before I saw your post so hopefully they will get to fixing it. If we don't get it before 12:00am NST tonight I hope we they give us the paint brushes anyways I mean we earned it we just can't click the last reward... Also sorta a silly question but I'm in EST what time would 12:00am NST be for me? I may have to set an alarm because I think its going to be well into the night... Edit it will be 3 am for me good lord that's late... I found out from looking at the time on the daily quests then adding the hours up... ugh
  4. I don't know what happened today! I played fashion fever for my last daily goal and got this scary error message shown below...It will not let me claim my final daily goal OR the toy paint brush weekly goal! I worked so hard on these quests the newbie quest line is complete and I have not missed any daily goals since it was released! Things I have tried... clear cashe updated drivers clean cookies defrag my pc switched browsers (I tried both chrome and firefox) turned vpn on turned vpn off updated everthing that was outdated on my laptop... restarted my laptop and cleared out browser history... Nothing worked! to make matters worse the time is still ticking! I have about 10 hours left before it resets! Please send help and fast thank you.
  5. Thank you everyone! I'm very happy I don't have to worry about fighting in the The Ugga-Dome first! Now I can keep earning good prizes from the battledome!
  6. Ok I have a question about Battleground of the Obelisk... Today for the first time I fought the Giant Space Fungus before doing my Obelisk war fights because I feel that the prizes for the Giant Space Fungus are better. So I maxed out on neopoints and items then I went and fought 32 battles so far for the war. My question is will my 32 fights still count for the prize because I battled the Giant Space Fungus first? I'm a little worried that they will not! Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Thank you @Duma! That is a good idea about the stealer when they fix it! When they do I will think about putting it in rotation with Downsize! and the Golden Garfir Helm! As for training I'm just using air faerie quests to train it right now but I will stop when the bar gets full for completion.
  8. Unless there is a Battleground of the Obelisk war going on I fight the Giant Space Fungus on hard! The drops are awesome with nerkmids and bubbling fungus as prizes! I can also 3 hit KO him without taking any damage! Here is how. And I think this only works for Lenny's but I'm not sure I use lens flare and Entangling Lenny Lasso with one of the swords of! Why two freezers? Well Entangling Lenny Lasso takes effect the next turn! So he takes two turns frozen! Turn two I use Ghostkerbomb one of the Sword of's and an An Icicle! This takes most of his health for the last turn I use both Sword of's and freeze him once again with Warlock's Rage! Then its over! I know that this strategy is situantional but it works for me. If anyone wants to fight my pet I am open to 2 player fights! However I'm not very good at two player fights because I'm out of practice! I'm ashamed to admit I did not know it was even working after the battledome update ... Also I do NOT want to change any of my equipment because it took me YEARS to save up for it... so I will not be doing leagues because I also have the Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield equiped. If you still want to fight my pet for fun just let me know!
  9. Hi @Aquamentis12 I have updated Shimmer's battledome set a little take a look! All of the slots are permanent save for the Downsize! that if I need fire defence I swap it out for the Golden Garfir Helm. I have also been training like you said too I'm now only using faerie quests to train agility and using codestones AND quests to train up strength defence and endurance as needed. Strength is still higher then my other stats because I keep getting faerie quests that raise it XD Also I think this is an Advanced set but I'm not sure? Her ablilities are as follows The page is still buggy but it works the same way. Please let me know what you think !
  10. I kinda like the Woodland Buzz! It reminds of a forest fairy, but I think I have plenty of faerie neopets so I will pass on this one. OH and the outfit... It reminds me of Darth Vader! I'm a huge Star Wars fan and that outfit is giving me Imperial March AKA Vader's Theme vibes!
  11. I already joined the Order of the Red Erisim because I still need that avatar! I was shocked that they did not win last time... Hopefully this is their time to shine! I'm going to keep joining them until they win and I add another avatar to my collection! I also need the Brute Squad avatar too... I have all of the others, So I hope that the Order wins this time in case they are paired up together! I'm... not sure WHAT avatar I would go for then... So hopefully that will not happen! Go Order of the Red Erisim! We can do this!
  12. I personally think that the burlap aisha looks like a creepy voodoo doll so I will pass on that one lol I'm more into that outfit however it looks really cute which is more my style. I have a lot of pets painted royal or faerie so I think if I had an aisha I would look for this outfit becase it has the floaty fairy look that I'm into.
  13. I really like the Speckled color on this neopet! I think it works well! Also the outfit is almost perfect but I think that the eyelashes are a bit too much. I think the just the blue contacts would have been nice because now it looks like she/he cried and all of the their eye makeup ran. Sometimes less is best!
  14. That is very kind of you @Duma When I get all of the avatars, or there is a week where I have avatars from all three Factions I will start doing the same thing.
  15. I need the avatar for Order of the Red Erisim... It's been 14 rounds since they won... It may not be the best option since the Thieves Guild has really great boons and the Awakened can get ANY of the boons but I really want the avatar so I am going to take a chance and go for the Order of the Red Erisim.
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