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Making use of my last month of Premium and...


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Spending way too much time SSW'ing 6 point items for CC. 

And who'd have thunk it:


I think that's my Mutant Poogle sorted! And that's my last 'big' mutant pet sorted!


I've also got a FQ Cookie open but this one was an actual legitimate random event! I got the grey faerie and health points out of the cookie!

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13 hours ago, gypsyknees said:

That's so exciting! I think I've only ever had rainbow dips from FQ Cookies!

Same! I've never had a 'true' RE FFQ Dip! I got annoyed to begin with as it was messing up my ability to search. I had to read the Fountain bit three times before I clicked that it was real!

8 hours ago, shauns_fiancee said:

congratulations, that's awesome, I can't wait to get one of those!

Thanks! Gotta love the mutants. I've managed to build up my collection over the last year due to FQC's!


I have need to add a Vandy next as they are just hideous. I've got a Pteri, Ixi and Peophin to morph as well, but they're far cheaper.

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