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Enter the Runway #146!


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Be sure to check out the rules if you're new to this contest (or if you simply want to refresh your knowledge of them). They can be found right here.
If you want to send me a screenshot of your entry (instead of the image DTI provides), but don't know how, check out this guide.

Current theme: Girl Power
Description: Show us your interpretation of awesome/cool/smart/amazing/brave girls (/women). Pet does not need to be female, nor does the outfit need to include (stereo)typically feminine things. Basically, just create a pet that screams 'girl power' to you, whatever that is. Anything goes, really.**
Entering period: Monday, June 27 - Sunday, July 10
Voting period: Monday, July 11 - Sunday, July 17

If you have any questions about this round, or the Runway in general, just post them here, or send me a message*. :smile:  

*And if my inbox happens to be full (again), just tag me in a post here and I'll get right on that.

** I know this is a really vague theme, but just know that there's not a lot you can do that will make me say "nah, that doesn't fit the theme". But I could totally understand if you have questions, so don't hesitate to ask them!

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