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Happy Nimmo Day!


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These are both scary. The Wraith one especially is Nightmare stuff.

I always thought of Nimmos as peaceful, gentile creatures. Apparently this is not the case anymore 

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My gosh! Could it have gotten any uglier?  Looks like he/she ate a face and  it's showing through the stomach. of the Wraith  Oh, yes, it got worse they put that awful clothing on it.

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That Wraith design sure is... terrifying! I'm not a big fan of it, but I do think it could be very good for a scary design for your pet. The mouth on the stomach though... how creative!?

The clothes are also pretty scary! Aside from the skull/rock on the head, the remaining parts could be useful for certain designs. Not my thing, but I definitely dig those claws!

A slightly disappointing, yet still very interesting day, Nimmos!

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