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Next game I hope gets returned!!


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This seemed like the best section to start a sympathy thread for the games we miss most due to the flash crossover!

I was so stoked to see Destruct-o-match return (and I of course LOVE Hasee Bounce), but I am most anticipating the return of...


Dubloon Disaster

and Spinacles!

What about you??¬†ūüôā

P.S. Check out my games room themed gallery for some inspiration!

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@bonnie_morrison Pterattack was definitely one of my dailies! My preferred shooting power was the orange dots, but the green dots were fine too.

@shauns_fiancee Yess, I love some Meerca Chase. Its one of the games I feature in my Game Room gallery! Do you prefer classic mode or freestyle?

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I miss those games, too. Though not the optical illusion thing from Pter, where if you look away from the game board, everything seems like it's moving. On Lioden there's a game which has that kind of effect, though it's a side-scroll game as opposed to...uh...up-scrolling? down-scroll? Horizontal as opposed to vertical.

Also, in Pter, I think my fave weapon was the fireball. Just hold down your space bar and let 'em have it! "PEW! PEW!"

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Would love to see return, two games I used to ROCK at! Mootix Drop and Hubrid's Hero Heist. I have the gold trophies for both games. But they were decently entertaining games to earn NP from. Definitely 2 of my favorites! When Mootix Drop comes back, I hope they fix the levels in the Insane difficulty.

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