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Happy Eyrie Day!

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I`m not surprised that they went with Water, as it was suggested by several people on the October thread TNT posted... I was not one of those people, so this choice was a letdown for me, as I wanted Steampunk, Burlap or Chocolate. Even Marble, Oil Paint or Toy would have been nice. With my whining out of the way, I will say that this Water Eyrie is very well done. In fact, I would say it`s one of the best in the colour. There`s lovely detail, and the fact that you can see the back leg through the front one is a brilliant touch!  It`s great for what it is - I just wanted a different colour.

The Talinia outfit is lovely, I love the gold and blue colours, it looks so regal. I appreciate that the bow and the quiver are two separate items, and the outfit as a whole looks gorgeous! I will definitely be getting this for my Eyries.

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