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Happy Flotsam Day!

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The armour is so cool, I love the trident as well. I like how they have split the outfit into pieces so you can mix and match. I am hoping they will release some Maractite/Maraquan themed armour for Maraquan pets, I would have loved to dress my Maraquan Uni in that. Looking forward to seeing the new colour too!

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After a day's delay, the new Flotsam colour for Flotsam Day 2021 is available (as per the official Neopets news). Here's Oil Paint Flotsam!


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What have they done...

The eyes! The eyes are terrible, they make the Flotsam look like an alien or something. I hate it.

The colours themselves are so bright and the whole pet looks sort of... messy. Like they crossed Mosaic, Pastel and Polka Dot. There is no redeeming quality about the Oil Paint Flotsam for me, I really don`t like it.

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