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Trick or Treat 2020!

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It's that spooky time of year again! Head out to explore Neopia in search of 7 exclusive goodie bags for this year's trick-or-treating. These bags will only be available today, so don't delay and get them before they vanish.


Royal Potionery | Deadly Dice | Space Armour | Spooky Food |


Coltzan's Shrine | Booktastic Books | Magma Pool

NOTE: You will not be able to claim the bags from shops if you're using the Beta site. Switch to the Classic Site if you're having difficulties.

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3 minutes ago, Angeló said:

Thank You

There is no stamp this year

But they're saying on the neoboards the only bag not giving an exclusive is the Galaxy one .. so it's probably glithced and the stamp should be in there

Which would suck horribly because I've already opened all of mine and got nothing decent from them. I never have any luck with these things and should honestly just sell them from now on.

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