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New Dyeworks Transformations!

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Loic has brought us some brand new Dyeworks transformations. These new color options will only be available until November 6th, 2020. Be sure to get your items dyed before then or you'll miss out.



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The re-colours of the Eventide Mountains Background are just SO beautiful! 😭



The entire day is covered now :D I SO love how they're all natural/real-looking, not totally unrealistic colours like they did with the grass that time...



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One of my awesome ninja fam braved the NC boards for me and got me a background. 😭😭😭

Shenkuu might not get very near winning the AC, but the players who frequent the hangout on board 7 are the most amazing bunch of people, EVER. 🥰

So I've packed Tate off camping before it gets too cold.

But that's human thinking isn't it; he's furry, he's unlikely to get cold like we would, especially as he's wrapped up, and got a nice fire. Looks like he's livin' his best life to me!


That big Kacheek bonce make tents hard to work with though, lol, they block so much of what's behind 'em! Also make this tent look like he'd not be able to physically get into it. xD

This one looks miles better, but it covers up so much of that lovely view!



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I was able to get lent the original items that I didn`t own myself, like Armins contacts and  the Eventide Mountains BG. I love the contacts, they look so natural and beautiful, almost the only contacts I actually like!
I especially love the Pink and Turqoise, so pretty!

Good point about the grass, jellysundae, they should have made it for example, yellow, orange and brown, like dead/wilted grass and straw.

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