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I love how the Fire Faerie is the one shoves you out of the way from a CLOUD (from old Faerieland) crashes(?) to the ground and what? Are we supposed to be impressed that a Fire Faerie does something other than complain how long it takes you to rustle up the piece of clothing they are demanding? Please! 😆 These self-absorbed divas need to do more than protect us from crashing clouds.

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I just got a FQ from Kaia and I thought great! The last one I did for her she gave me a Bioluminescent Bay Foreground.

I kept that in my inventory just in case she should come back I would have it for her. She came back today, I gave her the item and she in turn gave me.....   Bioluminescent Bay Foreground. If all they really wanted was my 75 NC then why not ask? Pay for FQ cookies, Pay for FQ bags get the same item. What a deal? I can't wait for tomorrow!

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I clicked on the RE above and I actually got an edit button. When I clicked it to add this RE to the one above I got a message saying that topic could not be found. I know they changed it so the edit option is only available for 30 minutes but I don't know why it makes so much difference if we have an edit button for our posts.  What is the big deal? Is it power? I would like to know why it was changed so I could understand.


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