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Well it deleted my other Something Happens. I had 2 come up at the same time. The 1st one is a

image.png.7f5623a18424fc47736f6b61c2e45cd6.pngand the 2nd was a FQ

You have completed a quest for an Earth Faerie.
For your efforts, Legretta_Abyss's strength has increased!




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OK WOW! I have had the Battle Faerie 2 days in a row increasing 3 or 4 of my stats (I think 3 but not sure).   Today I got a FQ from the Fountain Faerie.  That means I am going to complete her quest and get a fountain dip. I am feeling lucky for sure! JN says it should cost 385,000 NP So I was able to find it on the SW for that price so I bought it.  So I tried to give her the item and it said I  for 350,000 NP



You may come visit me at my Rainbow Fountain any time! I'll be happy to reward you with a brand new colour!
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Just a couple of days ago I was spinning the wheel and won 20000 and I just won it again. Too bad you only get the avatar once!


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I don't have this one in my gallery. I JN the bag and it is worth 2,400,000 NP on September 6, 2023 by Item DB Crew. Also, it contains 2 bobble heads which I collect.  All of the RE's I get come from playing Sakhmet Solitaire which is a good reason to play. I am going to post this in the Sakhmet Solitaire link as well.


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360  I have the same kinda luck you have. I'm not even good at getting 3 blank spaces. LOL

Thanks for the card!

image.png.3c688e8b43ac1895341cc3efcf1348a1.png              image.png.5e55831a9a0e466e4f03f4150075ea2c.png

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