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Day 13 - Nova Defender

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so as mentioned above, playing easy won't get you the points. 

I played on normal, completed level 7 and got 279k points so it doesn't HAVE to be played on hard. 

Try not to forget about your shield and activate it whenever you can, it really does come in handy. it acts as a defense and if you touch baddies while you have your shield on, they die automatically. 

at level 7 or 8? a bigger star will sometimes pop up in the middle of the screen, use your shield at that point if you can, and if you don't have your shield available, make sure you bought the supernova powerup and use that instead. 

During level three, where you have to protect the star in the middle of your screen, the shield was also VERY useful since everything you touch dies 

edit: I just attempted hard mode again, it's so not do able for me... if you suck at this game i really do suggest to play on normal mode. ( if you want AAA's score... Abigail's score is do able on hard mode )

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I played on Hard and got the score after dying on level 3 with 270k+ points.

Don't forget to use your shield. It will make a chiming noise (or watch the green bar on the bottom right) and all you have to do is double click. Also focus the pink swirly gem in the middle of level 2!

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Again, TDN's guide is good, but as I've posted before, sometimes a video really helps me understand what the guide is telling me. Watching this did help me, and if you are still struggling to meet/beat AAA's or Abi's score, maybe it will help you, too:

This individual has a few other videos of this same game, but getting higher scores. If you note the video's title, this was done for a DD, but was back in 2010.

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LOL Another game I haven't played in awhile! But finally managed to better than triple my best score from about 149k, to 460,963!

Had to do it on Hard mode and I turned the game quality down to LOW, because periodically things would lag, but that and following the gameplan in TDN's guide worked! :D

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