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  1. I'm looking for a teammate to challenge AAA as well
  2. so as mentioned above, playing easy won't get you the points. I played on normal, completed level 7 and got 279k points so it doesn't HAVE to be played on hard. Try not to forget about your shield and activate it whenever you can, it really does come in handy. it acts as a defense and if you touch baddies while you have your shield on, they die automatically. at level 7 or 8? a bigger star will sometimes pop up in the middle of the screen, use your shield at that point if you can, and if you don't have your shield available, make sure you bought the supernova powerup and use that instead. During level three, where you have to protect the star in the middle of your screen, the shield was also VERY useful since everything you touch dies edit: I just attempted hard mode again, it's so not do able for me... if you suck at this game i really do suggest to play on normal mode. ( if you want AAA's score... Abigail's score is do able on hard mode )
  3. abigail is supposedly a little fitter so she runs a little faster, but since she can only get 800 points max per level, you'll have to still play a little bit of level 4 which is where the real challenge starts IMO AAA can get 1000 points each level so if you get past level 3 you're good. As duma mentioned, in level 1 use the shovel when you're at the block BEFORE the one that needs to be discarded, if you time it just right, it won't even slow you down. Same with the jumps, jump at the right time so you don't hit your head against the one above. There's no reason to be slowed down at all in level 1 for level two, again as duma suggested use the bubble thing when you're going through mud, that way you won't slow down. For level three, I personally don't see the need to use the shovel, or the bubble. you can jump over two blocks with a normal jump, which I think is faster than the spring. If you have to jump over three blocks use the spring. I personally jumped off blocks as well, sometimes hopping from one high stack to an other, which saved me time as well. at level four you should have a bit of a head start over the baddie, so it's better to wait a little bit for an overhead ice cream to pass than to lose a life. it also becomes obvious in level 4 that you can't use two power ups at once ( at least I couldn't manage it ) so think it through and don't panic, feel free to take a bit of time. It becomes complicated because you have to use bubble, spring, hat and shield in level four, so playing with AAA is probably better because honestly, level 4 is where the challenge starts.
  4. i agree with people that said to keep it simple. I've personally made it large and put my settings on low because my computer likes to lag so less pixels was better for me. then i just keep my mouse fairly high and center of ball (not ON the ball, but center of it's width) and click 90 times. It took a few times cuz I haven't played the game in so long and my laptop isn't very good, but it's how I got pretty good scores in the past ( my all time high score on this game is 600 ish ) I also keep my mouse steady the entire time even if the ball falls so that it's still in the right position for the next ball
  5. lol yeah, I'm honestly still finding it a bit funny... i seriously only had that much money on me for like 2 or 3 clicks and hadn't had a random event happening for quite a while xD of course i get a random event when i happen to have a huge amount of money on me and then it's a thief xD could be worse I guess lol Worst part is Dr sloth took my money for one of his schemes, and he didn't even tell me what he's doing with it :(
  6. lol omg i'm actually ranked 6 I been hunting trophies a little bit but I never even know these existed, even if i did i don't think it was one that i wanted xD
  7. I was making a bid in the auctions for 6 million, so I had about 6 mil and 5k on me, and when I clicked make the bid, it accepted my offer but at that same time, I had a random event happening where dr sloth took 20% of my neopoints that I had on hand... at this page I still had the 6mil so I go to the next page to see what exactly ended up happening.... and I see -1,195,392 NP I never knew I could actually go into negative on neopets xD Even though it's kinda funny, I'm a bit bummed out about losing a mil for nothing though lol
  8. the obsidian daggers... costed me less than 15k in total so way better than if i would have lost a ducky or the one million np book xD
  9. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'I Taunt The Pant Devil' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Finally
  10. wow you're right... I think I'll use those. Are you selling any by any chance? xD I've decided to buy all the ones for 200 NP or less
  11. Ooo didn't know they'd give them out to everyone, that's pretty cool!
  12. so I know this is old news, but since I was on hiatus when they shut down habitarium, I just discovered that we got a goodie bag and a habitarium theme for browsing the website as reward from playing the habitarium game. I just figured I'd bring it up in case anyone else wasn't aware of this. The link to get it is http://www.neopets.com/habitarium/
  13. ya I think I better use cheaper items xD
  14. Both items I tried it with are bought from the hidden tower in faerie land though, so the est. Value for the Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy and Grimoire of Prosperity actually say 2 and 1 million. Didn't know I had to keep refreshing though, so thanks! Makes it a whole lot riskier so maybe I will just buy a bunch of other cheaper items that just build up to 5 mil then I guess xD
  15. I'm trying to work on some of the avatars again and today I tried to get the "I taunt the pant devil" one. I have one of those dr sloth bath duck weapon thingies that are worth about 2 mil, it was the only item in my inventory, aside from some NC items, I refreshed the page and nothing happened. Do I only get the avatar when the pant devil actually steals the item? or is the avatar itself random as well? or did I actually do something wrong? I tried the same thing just now with the Grimoire of Prosperity as well and refreshed several times this time and still nothing.
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