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Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

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-EDIT Below the screenshot-

Okay as much as I love this little dude because he's kinda sweet, I'm tired of getting only stat changes and "no changes" at the lab ray and he's up for adoption anyways so I'm advertizing him.

Zombie Blumaroo. Dunno if anyone would be interested but please let me know either here or on Neo, I'm celinedgd on my Main, and tomakeyousmile on my Side, where he resides for now, waiting for a forever home that will take good care of him. Please feed him, play with him, groom him, cure him when he's sick, etc. I want him to go to a home that actually cares about him, same for all my lab rats. Please and thank you.

(The NC items cannot be given away because I do not have Gift Boxes on this account. And yes he wears a Shenkuu Princess wig because who cares. Also he's a pretty boy. ) Please read his description before adoption.


EDIT PLEASE READ. KOKODS is now a Starry Zafara. Please do neomail me if interested. Conditions still apply.

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I have quite a few pets UFA, please PM me here or Neopets messaging asilent_love

LemonSweetums is a Faerie Kortbat comes with petpet

OtterTurtle unpainted Poogle has no petpet

Fawkeztears Christmas Xwee DO NOT come with the petpet. It was a gift form a dear friend

Tzinger Chocolate Blumaroo has no petpet


Any questions don't hesitate to PM or Message ^-^

FireShot Capture 146 - Neopets - Your Neopets! - http___www.neopets.com_quickref.phtml.png

FireShot Capture 147 - Neopets - Your Neopets! - http___www.neopets.com_quickref.phtml.png

FireShot Capture 148 - Neopets - Your Neopets! - http___www.neopets.com_quickref.phtml.png

FireShot Capture 149 - Neopets - Your Neopets! - http___www.neopets.com_quickref.phtml.png

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misspelled pet name
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Hi guys!
Specifically made an account for that thread lol. I got some pets I would like to trade, only. Not sure if that thread is still active, but let's try!

So here's what I have;






I would trade the Cybunny and Lupe for limited edition pets (no aisha, wocky, gelert or anything you can just go ahead and paint) and Lupe or you can try if you have anything reasonnable, I will consider everything. The Draik, only trading for another colored Draik (Maraquan being my favorite of course). I have a weakness for fearie, maraquan and woodland colored pets.

You can visit my profile, Super_2005_1995

Thank you!

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Alright starting again just to make sure people see this post but here we go again.
KOKODS changed into a Wraith Ogrin a while ago, and I wanted to make sure no one is interested before I decide to continue zapping him again until someone wants him because nah, I don't Pound Pets. Please go see him and read his description and if you interested, send me a neomail to "tomakeyousmile". Thank you. You can claim him until the 1rst of April, on which day I will keep zapping him if no one claims him.


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if anybody would like a zombie gellert, let me know! don't need to trade for anything, just think it's an awesome pet someone else might want and i'm looking to free up one of my pet slots ?


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up for adoption! looking to free up a pet slot. let me know if interested ?

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 10.59.42 PM.jpg


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My lab dude was zapped into a Grundo, then I realized I had a FFQ reward to cash in on so it was the perfect storm to get an avatar! 

Alas, this guy may be adoptable finally.. anyone interested?!



Fushir the Orange Grundo

Species: Grundo
Colour: Orange
Gender: Male
Age: 3,124 days
Level: 15
Health: 149 / 149
Mood: delighted!
Hunger: bloated
Strength: EXCELLENT (47)
Defence: heavy
Move: AWESOME (65)
Intelligence: master genius (78)


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