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Happy Pteri Day!


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Happy Pteri Day everyone!

The only time I have one of these in the pet line up is if I have zapped it there. I am not a fan of any bird species that I can think of but to be honest I do think all of them below the Valentine are very cute and colorful! I hope those that are bird lovers will like the new options. Oh and I do have a bird, a Lenny. I was granted this through a zap and I also have a baby one. Guess that makes me a bird lover after all!

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The Valentine Pteri is soooo cute! They did this Color right and actually shaped the pets rather than just colored them. The head feathers being heart-shaped, the chest fur being heart-shaped, and the white markings on the eyes all make it so adorable!! My ooonly complaint is the missed opportunity to shape the tail feathers like a heart... but this is enough lovey-dovey stuff anyways :D 

The parrot Pteri is adorable as well! The colors are vibrant, and the feathers are so fluffy! Definitely an eye-catching birdie.

No elemental this year, but we do get an elegant plant Pteri! The leaves stand out a lot on this one, but they look so smooth and gorgeous! The crystal Pteri is also incredible, so much detail in the colorful gems. Really liking the color variation too 🙂 And finally, the rainbow Pteri! Very flashy, but not too overwhelming, and the colors blend so wonderfully... 

Truly a magnificent day for the Pteris!

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I adopted one named pteriteet from the pound a week or so ago.  I'm SO tempted to make my parakeet look like a cockatiel for the sake of the ridiculousness now.  Wouldn't even have to decide what to paint him as since it'd cover his existing feathers.

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