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Happy Korbat Day!


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I really like the Pastel Korbat! Could be for the Fall season, but I love the orange! Such a playful color! 🙂

The fuzzy Outfit is soo cute! The gradient of the fur is lovely to look at, and the tail wrapping around the fruit is precious!! I honestly wish I had a plushie of this Korbat, looks perfect for one.

The vampire one is pretty spooky on the other hand. While the face is.... odd... the rest of the Outfit works really well on its own. Nice that the clothing isn't just plain black, we get some star-like speckles too!

Now the elemental ones! (Now joined by ribbons, which are a weird thing to replace air with but it's at least something.) The water is crazy! I think there's a little too much puffy-ness going on, it makes the Korbat look overtaken by a wave instead of being one. These plant ones are stunning though! Nice touch of the pink within the leaves, adds to the pink details in the ears! But this fire one is just that- it's fire! The elegant streams of the flames work like a charm on the wings, and the small specks of embers coming off of it just make it more majestic... And finally, the ribbons. It makes the Korbat look like a big pompom, and I think that's just amazing.

One of the great days, Korbats!

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