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Happy Grundo Day!


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Wow! I have 2 Grundos, this is great.

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The flower ears look sooooo lovely, I'm really enjoying all the elemental-y designs lately. I think the little wallet chain is so cute too. I imagine it's hard to design cute clothes for the Neopets with shorter torsos, but lI like these new ones!!

I love all designs but I can't help but feel like the ear ones, they don't work in the same dimension as the rest of the Grundo body? Like it makes the ears look flat and behind the rest of the head. The spiked ones are sick though, space punk rock grundo is a vibe.


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Well... seeing as it didn't have Swamp Gas as a Color already, we all knew this would have to come eventually. At least the lighting for the gas looks... less gross than the vomit color?

I like the glittery designs, and while they're all purposefully over-the-top, I think it works really well in that case! Each piece is perfect for what it does 🙂 

And here's the collection of punk wearables! I'm a big fan of the dress, despite the shape of the Grundo being a little hard to design for, they pull it off great for the dress' shape! And the chain and scarf only add a great extra touch!

Now the Grundos get a nice elemental theme! The fire antennae are great, texture is a bit odd, but good color. The water ones are beautiful, and the shape of the waves reminds me of certain kinds of undersea plants, I'm not sure what they're called, but if anyone sees it too and knows it, please share! I really like the plant ones, the blue of the flowers adds a lovely touch to the shrub-like antennae! I adore the crystal antennae as well, like a glorious rainbow of gems! The neon outline for them, while simple, is really nice, helps bring more attention for whatever purpose you need it to. And the spikes... I think they're a little silly, I could only see the most edgy of Grundos actually wearing them haha!

Overall, a marvelous day, Grundos!

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