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Who is excited for AC XVIII?

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I came here hoping to get some chit-chat in for this summer's ACVIII! I am super excited. I am team Darigan Citadel all day, every day! The one season I did not play, we win, go figure! Super sad about that! But, I am here to make sure we win again this summer!

I even dyed my hair to support my team!!! I am so excited and most definitely impatient!


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I'm sat somewhere between excitement and dread. I like the prizes. But I hate how time consuming the event is and it always clashes with my summer reading event that rewards me with actual books and Amazon vouchers!

I did really well 2020 and 2021. Lost the will to live last year and so only did about two weeks of it. I figured that if it wasn't bringing me joy, it wasn't worth it. And then absolutely kicked myself when the prizes came out. Still made 85mil off the stamp, but why is the year I didn't hit All-Star the one with the fantabulous prizes!? 

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I love the Altador Cup even though the HTML5 version is much less playable

I usually play 2-3 hours per day and I manage to get ALL STAR

I will play for Shenkuu again this year .. and I will get the Golden Slushie !

I can't see team Dacardia anywhere though

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