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Lab Ray Dilemma...

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So I've been zapping a pet in the hopes of getting a Cybunny. You see, the pets name is LovelyMassacre and that led to this idea:

No description available.

Inspired by Killer Bunnies as you can imagine.

Only the last lab zap turned him stealthy and I have to admit, this also kind of fits the name, doesn't it? Plus he does look kinda awesome.


Do I zap over the Stealthy and continue hoping for Cybunny... or do I give this one up as a lost cause. Keep him Stealthy and try to think of another name suitable for a killer bunny by April 27th Cybunny Day?

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On 3/31/2023 at 1:07 AM, berriganify said:

While I'm tempted to take the side of keep as is because stealthy vandas are A++... if you really have your heart set on the baby cybunny, I think you should keep zapping. Even if it takes a while, it'll be so worth it when you finally get that zap!

Yeah, this is more or less where my brain is. I may hold onto it until April 27th to see if inspiration strikes in terms of a new name. If I can think of an awesome killer bunny name before then, I may have the best of both worlds! 

I've done quite well out of this Vandy zapping though. I got a Desert zap a while back and moved the clothes across to my Toy Vandy (re-painting the Desert one a base colour before moving back) for a cross paint that cost me zero!


On 3/31/2023 at 10:05 PM, Angeló said:

I don't think the lab Ray turn pets Baby , unless you just want a Cybunny to paint baby yourself

 I agree with @berriganify

Yeah, my thinking was save the cost of the morphing potion as even the base colours are 1.8mil-2mil odd. Then paint baby myself. Made sense in my head but I didn't think through the chances of getting really cool zaps!

On 4/1/2023 at 10:01 AM, berriganify said:

It doesn't, but the cybunny morphing potions are like 2M each, so getting the zap would save a lot of money!

Yep, exactly!

5 hours ago, GillyTook said:

You could always think of other cybunny names, and if you can't think of one by the time you'd need to create one start zapping this guy again.  Or get a second zap pet for a while while you debate!

That's a good idea! Deadline of April 27th to come up with another name or this one turns back into a zapper!

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