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Neopets Beta: V0.5.0 MAJOR Update!


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Neopets has released a new Beta update featuring loads of bug fixes, the return of maps and the conversion of an old Daily!

  • Return of the World Map, as well as all lands maps (with some updated)
  • New Mystery Island Theme in your preferences
  • Test Your Strength has now been converted
  • Pets are now viewable on the QuickRef page
  • Neoboard colours now work
  • Worms now functional in Moltara
  • Loads of Wearable and Customization fixes, including UC Pets now being Customisable.
  • And much more... view full release notes, including known issues, here.

Up next, TNT is working on the first phase of the UC Pets release, News & Inventory updates and more. 

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While it says that they fixed a lot of customization issues I still have that with some pets it loads both the saved presets 1 and 2 prior to the whole conversion. And while the correct customization appears everywhere when I saved one, when I reload the customization page for that pet it happens again. Which also means I can't remove some wearables from my closet or make other pets wear them. I do hope that it will be fixed one way or another. 🙂 Other than that it's great seeing the maps again.

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