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Happy Vandagyre Day!


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not a fan of the plushie except in the 'dear god that's terrible i love it' sense. it looks like the artist drew 10 different mockups and then asked their supervisor which one to use and their supervisor just said 'yes.'

that outfit though......... that is...

dare i say it.........




a fancy hat. 🤩

seriously though i'm thinking that might be JUST the thing for Doideag if I decide to commit to an all-vandagyre account! could go nice with grey... although tbh the red looks really nice as is? and i have no other pets that i intend to be basic, could be something unique... or maybe white? that would twin well with my christmas vanda!

well i got a month or so to consider while i wait for the price to go down lol

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That Plushie design sure is crowded haha, but I like it, in an odd chaotic way, it's cute! The fuzzy pompoms for the ears are adorable, and I also like the feathers that make it look like a peacock.

The outfits are lovely! The books on the hat are marvelous, as well as the design on the skirt. It's perfect for a fancy, old timey librarian! The other clothes are nice too, not too bland with the feathers, but they keep a simple design.

It's what the Vandagyres deserve on this wonderful day!

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