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Pawkeet Pinata >.<

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I think it's totally random.  I typically spread the opportunity for opening things like this across all my pets, so there have been times when it pops immediately and there have been times when I've cycled through all my pets several times before it opens.  So I know it doesn't just open with my strongest pet.

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I think it's entirely random too, I used to always use my BD pet as he is tough, thinking he'd get them open easier.

See? he's mean!

gIqowVN.jpg Snowy made him spill his boba tea! 😱

His strength is 617, and initially it absolutely seemed to make a difference, he'd crack them open straight away. But... it was a trap! >___>

I've discovered that any one of my pets can open them immediately, but it most definitely prefers to make you need 30+ attempts, no matter who you use. :upsidedown:

I'd let them all have a go until it finally opened, but since the inventory update I don't go near them, it's just too annoying now the f5/resend option no longer exists. 😒

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Load the old inventory (add /x to the url. ) Then click to play with it as normal and click on submit and F5 super fast at the same time, click, click, click etc and see if that did it. Might have to repeat, but usually the rapid clicking breaks it in a few seconds. Good luck!

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