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Would you eat at my place? On today's menu...

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I'm gonna offer a dinner (or tea, as we Brits like to confusingly call it ?) and I wanna know if you'd eat it!

Come up with your own meals too, let's learn about the foods we do/don't like, and which of Neo's grub we'd love to be able to eat in RL. ?

I'm predisposed to healthy food anyway, but issues my MS causes makes it a necessity, so if you came round my house for tea this is the kind of thing you'd get.


32519.gif?533Brown Rice

 12041.gif?500  Grilled Veggie Bowl

49397.gifPeppered Salmon Dish

Are you now thinking yum! :yum:  or yuk! :sick01: lol.


Whereas if I had no health issues I might offer...


4062.gifGarlic Bread

51202.gif?159Cheesesteak Pizza

17139.gif?188Altadorian Cobb Salad

Way more in the way of white flour, red meat and cholesterol. ? Salad too though, mustn't forget that! :ph34r:


So I'd eat this

27574.gif?723Cauliflower and Lentil Pizza

Especially if it had a wholewheat crust... would you? Roasted cauli is da bomb, if making pizza dough wasn't a whole lot more faff than my brain is willing to deal with I might even have tried recreating this...


So come on guys, PICK SOME FOODS TO SHARE‼ ?


Note for staffies - I've put this in Games because it didn't seem to quite fit in either of the General Chat forums, so this seemed the safest option. We don't have the risk of going off-topic in here, hope this is ok. ☺️


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Oh yeaaaa? I'ma be all over this topic as soon as i get back from the country fair. I'm totally gunna eat the krispy kreme triple decker cheese burger. It looks like this too. 


and some kabobs. 



But normally I would be eating your delicious salmon and brown rice! 


oh and i cant forget the candy apple ?


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Flask of Olive OilAltadorian Bread ill start you off with some bread and olive oil

Hummus Dolmade then some hummus and stuffed grape leaves (dolma)

Well Decorated Meat the Main Dish .. Well Decorated Meat

Sun Teaand you can wash it all down with some Sun Tea

Baklava Fig Ice Cream Baklava and Fig Ice Cream for Dessert 

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It's interesting seeing what I posted yesterday, lol. That cheesesteak pizza, I'd LOVE to try one of those but I don't know if I'd ever go so far as to eat one. I think I was focusing a bit too much on finding an unhealthy alternative to what I eat, lol, and look, no drinks OR dessert, gosh I'm a meanie! ?

To make up for that, here's a hopefully more thoughtful offering from me...let's go for a whole bunch of stuff for you to fill your plate from. ?

Let's start off pretending we're gonna be healthy, DIP!

61219.gif?606  This says it's peanut hummus, it's like to try that pls, TNT.

5340.gif27593.gif some greenery options, to assuage guilty feelings.

32782.gif?687 I've wanted to devour these taquitos ever since they came out!

24839.gif some cheesy tear and share bread, yup.

16224.gif?63 these look almost too pretty to eat.

27306.gif look how GOOD these dumplings look! The only hint to the filling is tasty... I'm askin' no questions, get in ma belly

29946.gif fried rice, you can always manage to eat more of this than you EVER thought you had room for. xD

858.gifoh and there'd better be some of this, just for @Kute ?

I guess we'd need some palate-cleansing after all that, so...

45585.gifa table centrepiece that you can eat, because why not?

9998.gifand you just know a faerie sorbet would be delicious.

2786.giflemint juice, lemints need to become a thing, STAT.

25140.gif never had bamboo tea but a friend of mine LOVES it, and this presentation is great!

It's a good thing I've just eaten or I'd be hungry again.



*is hungry again*


KUTE, TELL US ABOUT YOUR KRISPY KREME ADVENTURE‼... WHY AM I YELLING... I DON'T KNOW! ... Hopefully your burger didn't cost as much as the Neo one is listed on JN for. ?

@Angeló's dinner looks delish, do the vine leaves get eaten too or are they just to hold the filling together, like with tamales?


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I'm way too lazy to fetch pictures, but were I cooking we'd likely have spaghetti, because that's easy to make, and as mentioned, I'm lazy.   A roast is possible if it's a holiday, but those always seem to end up overcooked and dried out.

As for what I'd try at someone else's place, just about anything someone else took a bite of first.    There's plenty of stuff in Neopets that just isn't real food.

But so far as the real world goes, well, way way back when I was a kid, some friends of our came back from a Missionary trip to Nigeria, and brought with them a local snack, fried termites.   Which are exactly what they sound like, termites fried on a hot pan.   No sauce, no seasoning, just dead bug heated up.  They looked like something you'd find on the windowsill.    My brother was daring and tried one, said it tasted like burnt popcorn.   I was still working up the never when they got put away.   As siblings sometimes are, my brother was very smug that -he- had tried one but I hadn't.
So the next time some odd food came along, i made sure to try it right away, and goad him into it as well.   And he dared me on the next food, and so on.   We got fairly adventerous in what we were willing to try, so I've sampled a wide range of items.   Rocky Mountain Oysters, cow tongue, frog legs, escargot, sheep brain, rattlesnake, squirrel, iguana, candied ants, chocolate covered crickets, armadillo eggs.... that last one is a local dish, it's actually chopped chicken hissi and jalapenos wrapped in bacon and deep fried, typically served with ranch dressing.  But the others are all exactly what they sound like.   Some I didn't care for, some were pretty good, and most were sorta dull if you didn't know what they were.
So in the end, I'm pretty willing to try a bite of something, however odd it may seem.


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oh heck yes @Angeló !!!!   Delicious to everything! I love dolmas.  You know in the movie Aladdin where genie is singing in the cave like " how about a little more baklavAaaAAaaaAa" LOL ever since the 90s I was determined to eat that.  Does not disappoint!!! 

 @jellysundae What?! ? That brown sauce has been on the game since like day 1 and I barely realized its the A1 we talked about ?

I'm gunna pretend the lemint juice is a mint mojito. 

The fair burger was pretty good! My arteries are clogged, but I think it was worth it......

and since bamboo was mentioned I just wanted to share my favorite way to eat bamboo. And that is in hot and sour soup ???image.png.a4af8c45d42ae5a5f221a449fa3e9e04.png


I'm just gunna leave these right here for you 


But honestly me too LOL! I love trying the weird thing on the menu. Just to say I did.  Nothing as crazy as you yet. 

I think brain tacos are the weirdest for me. 



And one last thing. Did you guys know you can type a colon : followed by a word to bring up an emoji?  Or am i just that late to the game ? 


Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 9.44.44 AM.png

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On 8/10/2018 at 10:35 AM, gypsyknees said:

@Angeló Are you Greek? my partner is of Greek Cypriot family and that looks like a family gathering menu ? 

i'm not Greek .. close-by though .. I'm Lebanese and Hummus is proudly ours .. I also love Altador 

@jellysundae of course you eat the Grape Leaves :D they're delicious

@Kute when I was 10 I ate a whole tray of Baklava that was intended for guests ... I was grounded for ages (Worth It)Image result for â«Ø¨ÙÙاÙØ© ÙبÙاÙÙØ©â¬â

so how would like to dig into an ol ' American dinner ? 

Barnacle Bills Belt Busting BurgerBarnacle Bills Belt Busting Burger

BBQ Onion Hot DogBBQ Onion Hot Dog

Planetary Onion Rings Planetary Onion Rings

Cheddar Fries Cheddar Fries

Neopolitan Milkshake Neopolitan Milkshake

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4 hours ago, Angeló said:

i'm not Greek .. close-by though .. I'm Lebanese and Hummus is proudly ours .. I also love Altador 

Ah that makes sense! There is a lot of crossover with cuisine in the area isn't there. I also loooove dolmades

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