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  1. Switched my browser from Firefox to Safari and I was able to get it after playing 4-5 games. When you get to level 4, hit the blue petpetpets first since they are worth more points.
  2. Go Team Snow! I lost much interest in Neopets since I got a job promotion, which involves working over night. However, I cannot miss the opportunity to support a team in GMC. ;)
  3. Happy Birthday TDN! With my very messed up schedule, I did not have time to record anything but I still wanted to wish this website all the best for the upcoming years! Cheers! :jerrypteri:
  4. Generally speaking, ask a member of the moderation team if you are unsure of what to do. From what I remember (from when I was staff), if a topic is over a year, year and half old, it's probably better to create your own thread. Otherwise, if you really have something to say that adds to the conversation, you can reply to the original thread. Again, feel free to PM one of the wonderful member of the moderation team if you have a more precise question.
  5. If you are sure of yourself, change your major as soon as possible. The more you wait, the more unhappy you will be in what you are currently doing. I know it for a fact because I almost completed a degree before saying out loud this is not for me, going to arts instead. Of course, some people looked at me as if I had done the biggest mistake of my life but my mom was always supportive of all my decisons. If you don't know how to break the news, I'd give you one piece of advise someone gave me recently. There will never be a right moment. So as soon as you are (alone perhaps?) with your mom, explain her how you feel and why you believe you should change your major. If you are rational about it and lay down your arguments, I'm sure she will be happy to listen.
  6. You can actually google "BBB" which stands for Better Business Bureau. They are taking complains about everything and anything.
  7. A word on how tech support works : There is a giant pile of tickets in the system. Usually agents are assigned to work on oldest to newest. They may be limited on staff, so it takes time. In my job, I can handle between 60-100 tickets per 8h work day. Once you are assigned to someone, they still take new tickets while handling their old ones. To speed up the process, they have macro (pre-made messages) and they may send you something totally inaccurate to your problem. You can also send a BBB complaint, but I'm not sure how Jumpstart has been handling that. It's possible they don't care at all. Good luck!
  8. One day, my best friend forgot her copy of Lestat the Vampire at my place. I was in grade 6 and I fell in love with the book. You see, it was pocket edition and it had the first few sentences printed on the front cover : http://img.livraddict.com/covers/1/1323/couv25870349.jpg This is the kind of book I just could not put down. I was even reading it while walking. Not the smartest thing to do, especially when you are 12 and people are making fun of you for preferring books to humans during break time. But anyway. Over the year, I have bought some of Rice's books. I kinda wish I had a uniform editon to show in my bookshelf. I first read translation, then I re-read some in English, went back to French... I don't exactly have a favorite book. I find that most of her stories are interesting and we can relate to them in different ways. The only Rice book I was never able to finish is not a vampire one (Cry to Heaven). I actually do like Memnoch too. I went as far as reading her biography when I was in high school. It was really interesting and it helps to know where an author is from.
  9. For the 10th time, Maraqua. I can exactly picture myself supporting a different team.
  10. I actually redeemed my prizes this week. Not sure how much efforts I will put in this year, but go Maraqua anyway!
  11. Here, have a big hug from Canada! Life is up and down and that's for all of us. Remember to take time for yourself and to do things that you enjoy. You need to find a balance and to let go some pressure. School can be a problem if you are setting high expectations for yourself. As for family, you can be the one who suggest that you spend more time together - as a family. For instance, taking meal together is a great occasion to talk about your day and what is stressing you. Things might be rough right now, but I'm sure you are a wonderful and amazing person. Take good care of yourself and feel free to send me a PM if you need someone to talk to.
  12. I was without premium for some time, back when it had the portal feature. That was what I missed the most to be honest. It was so handy to have everything showing in one page. If I was going without premium now, I don't think I would notice the transition at all simply because I don't spend as much time on the site now.
  13. Excellent! This is a feature that I really missed.
  14. Mine! *Goes to wock away* ;) I also wanted to say to whoever thought of this, you just made my day. ;)
  15. Found some troubleshooting for you : Wii U http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/wfc/en_na/ds/results.jsp?error_code=50299&system=Wiiu&locale=en_US Wii http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/wfc/en_na/ds/results.jsp?error_code=50299&system=Wii&locale=en_US (My job consist of giving troubleshooting advices to gamers.)
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