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  1. One good thing about having to work an overnight due to unfortunate snow timing:
  2. In related news, I totally forgot I had finally gotten the Symol av, and have continued to jump in that stupid hole. I need to refine my dailies. Now if I could only get the Wheel of Knowledge to behave.....
  3. Praise be. I'm never jumping in that hole again.
  4. It's been a while, but this was a fun surprise today:
  5. I just learned that the Opera browser doesn't give the "are you sure you want to refresh" prompt, and Dice-A-Roo suddenly became possible. I didn't even notice I got it, since the jackpot was tiny. Now to try refreshing some more for the Neomail Addict av.
  6. Last one for a while, I predict, unless I get lucky with a daily random.
  7. MSPP is next. After a while. I'm not sure I'm emotionally ready for it yet.
  8. Got lucky with a robot petpet zap! I'm trying to power through NeoQuest II right now as well, so will hopefully get a couple more in the next few days. It's a good thing it's been slow at work. Edit: Yeeeesssssss, except I forgot to die to a plains lupe, so now I have to finish the game and start a new one just to die. Haaaaaa.
  9. My relationship ended over the weekend and I'm pretty torn up about it, but this honestly cheers me up. Thanks, Neopets! Edit: Decided to treat myself today on hidden tower discount day.
  10. Here's avatar number 270! I think at about 275 I'm going to have to start taking flash games seriously, and I .... do not want to do that.
  11. Just dropped half a million neopoints to get Bon Appetit and this guy here:
  12. I'm pretty sure I'm just never going to get the Chocolate avatar and I'm trying to make peace with that. For now, I put some time and NP into this. I've been dreading working on the Usuki one for ages, so I guess that might be next. Edit: I need a nap.
  13. Today is a good day for busting out a couple avatars.
  14. I totally mangled my screenshot somehow, but I was on a faerie quest I didn't even know I had and then Dr. Sloth handed me a Jetsam Transmogrification Potion in exchange for my eternal servitude. The rude old man didn't bother giving me the Dr. Sloth avatar, though, so I know he doesn't really trust me yet.
  15. I did a little more research a couple weeks ago and learned you don't have to wait for the page to load before refreshing again, which I didn't know and made me feel reaaalllllyyyy stupid. I spammed F5 while scrolling Instagram on my phone for 5 minutes then checked my avatar count and saw I had finally gotten the cursed avatar. Still no luck on the neomail addict one, though. If TNT sees you fast-refreshing on the graveyard page, they won't flag you as a cheater, since they know that avatar is a pest. I'm pretty sure they'd be able to see when you got the avatar, so if you got the avatar the same day you were refreshing, they'd be fine with it. However, if you've had the avatar for 2 years and keep going to the graveyard to try to 'get away with' refreshing for REs, that's trouble town.
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