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  2. *cough* key quest? *cough* HABITARIUM?! *cough* one can dream I guess... for real though, have they mentioned yet what there next big project / next most-urgent point on their to-do list is, after converting the whole site to a non-java version? you'd think that would free up a lot of their resources that are currently tied down in it.
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  4. I have found an idea to try and make work! Now to see if I can pull it off!
  5. Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Petoot
  6. Yeah, I can imagine that this would be a giant task, and there are so many things that have priority, so I doubt they'll get around to doing any purging any time soon.
  7. I had the same problem in the morning yesterday but I tried again in the afternoon and it was fine. I'm afraid to do Wonderclaw because of the instability of the site at the moment. I was lucky and got a ticket from someone who was giving away NC items
  8. I read an NT editorial question about this recently. (dunno if the question was recent, I just read it recently, lol) and whoever responded said it's an absolutely MASSIVE task to do a purge, so while one is definitely due it's kind of being indefinitely put-off because of how much it involves. Or words to that effect.
  9. Exactly, on the other footless pets there's generally some kind of styling that goes on, but with the poor Hissi, whatever it is it just looks stupid. 😣
  10. If they ever do start purging (again), they should probably also communicate about it clearly (send emails to the addresses linked to the accounts they purge, so people can still come back and prevent it, if possible). Anyway, I'm not sure when they last purged any accounts. I think it's been aaaaages. (I know one of my friends used to play Neo, and I think her account hasn't been logged into for over a decade, but it's still there.) I'm personally not necessarily a fan of purging; sometimes you lose track of something you meant to go back to. Two years can go by without noticing (or realising that it's been two years). XD It'd be a shame to come back and find your account & pets gone. (Again, if they'd send emails to warn you about it, it'd be better. No idea if they've ever done that though. I'm working under the assumption that they haven't, simply based on their usual level of communication. 😉 )
  11. When I say that I find shoes weird I mean more like... shoots are for feet. Those species have no feets. It's weird for my OCD brain xD And then there is this Lovely
  12. it worked after clearing cache & cookies m with no need to use Incognito
  13. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. art 5. bot 7. card 8. arms 9. nogel 11. neodaq 12. undo 13. geb Down: 1. two 2. nova 4. roar 5. basher 6. pirates 7. clouds 10. advent Which of the following is not a part of the Maraquan Circle? Answer: Roo Island Prize: 250 NP
  14. They do look ridiculous on the Hissi, gotta be said, on the other footless critters they can look pretty cool though.
  15. Yesterday
  16. I think she looks better now In general, I find shoes a weird item for Peophin, Flotsam, Hissi, etc.
  17. This topic, on the "Help" Neoboard, as mentions clearing your browser's cache and cookies, and then trying incognito mode: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=160139545
  18. Colors are nice and even if I'm not a personal fan of Origami, this one isn't that bad at all :) That hat stands out for a very good reason, it's wonderful and the entire outfit is pretty cool!
  19. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  20. still not working for me even when I used Incognito Mode
  21. Iron Giant! Every time I watch that... 😭 *coughs* But yes, Origami is awesome! Really nicely done outfit, too, they're totally rockin' that hat! But, but... an entire outfit on one layer? Not sure how I feel about that. Depends entirely on what layer it's on I suppose.
  22. *pats your head* It'll happen! Ray, meanwhile, has actually been nice to Cora with regard to level! 😮 The ray is fired at my_friend_Cora... ... and he gains two levels!!! So they're Level 42 now, so even when Ray removes 2 levels - as they undoubtedly will shortly - STILL won't need to retrain yet, HA! Also, Level 42 capitalised because...
  23. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. bite 4. basher 7. tag 8. aisha 9. art 10. cup 12. one 14. neodaq Down: 1. geb 2. eye 3. bearog 5. anshu 6. roar 11. poptart 13. bot Which of the following is not a part of the Maraquan Circle? Answer: Roo Island Prize: 250 NP
  24. It's a great day for Techo owners, that's for sure! Two good colors and a good outfit! 🙂
  25. Take a look, here: You're not the only one. (Gee, that sounded like a Sam Smith song...).
  26. I saw a post on the "Help" Neoboard. It seems to be an issue, but not happening to everyone. The NC Mall is Adobe Flash based, so make sure Flash is enabled for the NC Mall. Someone posted that using "Incognito" mode, with Chrome, has worked. Could try "New Private Window", if using Firefox. Also, in today's (13 September 2019) Neopian Times, there is this: Again, during this past week, individuals were having hard times posting Flash game scores, due to a "gateway" error messages, which was, also, seen on the "Help" Neoboards. TNT seems to have worked/fixed that issue. But, it could be related. It seems Neopets is looking into using a "CDN" - Content Delivery Network - specifically, StackPath. A popular/recognized CDN is CloudFlare. It should make Neopets "faster", and, hopefully, allow them to go "https" (finally!). It seems TNT is still working out the process/bugs, with redirecting content.
  27. Man, they really went all out on this one. Origami looks fantastic - it's super detailed and looks three-dimensional. I wonder if they used any sort of 3d rendering software for Origami? It reminds me of the use of CGI to animate the Iron Giant, while everything else in the film was hand-drawn.
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  29. I have a new-found fondness for Techos and I think the Origami is really cute
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