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Happy Lutari Day!


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This Spotted Lutari is adorable, the fur pattern is really nice and unique! Can anyone identify what animal it's based off of? The design seems so familiar, but I just can't name it.

The striped tail is also nice, makes the Skunk Lutari look more like a real skunk! Love the extra poofiness of it too!

The scorpion tail is fun, wish there were some other new wearables that could go with it, like pincers or arachnid eyes... But still a neat tail.

The fluffy dragon one is definitely my favorite, though... It looks so majestic and colorful, and I wish we had a full set of wearables to go with it too! Definitely looks like it'd be fun to use in customization!!

A magnificent day, Lutaris!

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wow i'm learning!  never heard of the marble polecat, so neat!  I love them all!  I would totally get myself in the back of the head all of the time (if I survived after the first time) if I had that scorpion tail.  they're going to have to give us more pet spots!!!!!  more more more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i have the full 16 but whatever.  i feed them.  Happy April 20th!

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