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Smile With Me Posters Cover Neopia!


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😶  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Is this why my neopets all look unhappy, though none are sick and all are in good moods according to the quickref???????


OHMY!  Okay, so I get what they're going for.  It's the kitten hanging onto a branch saying hang in there, but is this on brand for neopets?  It took a second before the inspiration clicked, and hang in there until you're rescued/things get better was NOT my first thought.  

(also, I have no idea why these pictures are so big.  Sorry.)


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13 minutes ago, discobiscuit said:

that took a dark turn from "hang in there!" didn't it?

I didn't know there was a neopian version of it!


Also, the mask is a toy.  You can play with it to get a bit more dialogue before you quick stock it into the closet.

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It's just for today for April Fools Day.  A bunch of positive posters appeared, but after you sign the contract, the posters that pop up were distinctly less friendly.  I didn't think to save all the ones I saw, but here's another example





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Ok wait i got through a bunch of posters to get to the item but there is an avatar? edit: nevermind figured it out 😅

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