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Happy Usul Day!


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I wonder how the tinsel would look on my Zelda usul?  Hahaha, terrible, if it showed up, I'm sure!

Hm.  The ribbon tail is cute, but I'm not 100% sold on the ruff.  Don't like the plant one at all.  Something about the bromeliad tail is weird to me, and the succulent ruff is okay at best.  I really like the tinsel one, though.  It's cute.  Only bit I like from the roller derby (?  I never know what these are called. . .) one is the ruff.

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The Burlap is quite nice, just on the edge of being slightly creepy like other Burlap Pets, but still cute! The heart patches are really neat additions, plus the ruff around the neck looks so smooth and soft!

The rollerskating Outfit is also quite good! Fun, shimmery colors, the whole outfit looks like something right out of a kid's imagination for a sparkly costume on wheels!

The ribbons are really fun, they don't fit the best on the way the Usul looks, but I think it's still adorable! The plant one is also great, but something about the colors just feels a bit off. The pink and yellow for the tail flowers are a good pair, but the neck doesn't match up! I do wish the tail could be a bit fuller too, like the regular Usul, but that's just my preference for fluffy things haha. And speaking of fluffy! The tinsel tail and ruff is soooo cool! It's like your Pet is one big pompom!

Really great day today, Usuls!

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Today I learned Burlap is a color. And wow, what a fantastic way to learn, because I absolutely adore it on Usul! It's so charming, I really love the heart decals on it! Maybe that's my next goal color, should I ever unlock Lab Ray or get another Fountain Faerie quest.

The mane and tail designs are also so cute! I love the tinsel one the most, but the flower one is *perfect* for woodland! Absolutely gorgeous!

What a fantastic day!

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