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Official Pay-It-Forward Friday Gifting Thread! (#1)

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                                                                     Pay It Forward Friday Banner.png

General Rules

  • This will be ran every Friday! Should it gain enough participation a section will be created for it, for now it will remain here (posted in Neopets General Chat). Make sure to read everything before posting! 
  • All TDNF rules will still need to be followed in this thread! (No double posting, spam, etc.)
  • Please no posting wishes for pets in this thread, strictly for items/wishlists/shop links ONLY.
  • This is not an item-grab nor a spot for you to beg for items. It is fully expected that if you post your wishlist here that you will gift at least one other user.
  • Do not expect that another user will specifically choose you to gift to or that all your wishes will be granted.
  • No DMing users begging for things & please do not be ungrateful for what you recieve! Let's have fun with this!
  • Keep all your updates to one post please! When you receive a gift make sure to update your wishlist or post asap to avoid users sending duplicates. (Use the three dots in the top right corner of you post to edit it)
  • To keep the thread clean use the spoiler tag for your thank yous/received items in your post. (Should you want to list them).
    content here


  • This thread is about more than just posting what you want but to also to spread kindness and learn about each other! Every week there will be a question/prompt that is asked that you will need to provide with the rest of your info! 
  • If your username is not listed under your profile picture make sure to list in your post who people will be gifting.
  • If you chose to put your shop link up instead of a wishlist please make sure to have a wide variety of items stocked in your shop for donations/shopping. (Junk items with different prices, different range of priced items, etc)
  • This is P.I.F.F for a reason, if someone spreads some kindness to you make sure to do the same! ❤️
  • If you want to list a bunch of items to a TP lot for a user please DM them with the link to the lot or the lot #.
  • Please post in this format;

    Answer to the weekly question/prompt
    wishlist (Jellyneo wishlist, written wishlist, gallery post, etc) will go here or you may post your shop link if you aren't looking for anything specific and would like to be gifted through shop visits. 
    Gifting: list how you will be gifting others. Shop visits, item gifting, etc. (Thank yous or items sent do not going here!)
    UN: username here if not listed under your profile picture.
    SPOILER TAG HERE ; if you choose to post your thank yous/items received. (Recommended to just post a general thank you and list items received should you choose to do this.)


  • Be respectful and kind! No harassment of any kind!
  • Proceed with caution when it comes to new users on Neopets & on the forums. 
  • Gift at your own discretion.
  • Just because you gifted a specific user does not mean that specific user will gift back.
  • If you wishlist is mainly high-priced items or Neocash items there is no guarantee you will be gifted.

Weekly Question;
A majority of us made our Neopets accounts when we were younger, but what is it that's kept you addicted?

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Oh gosh.  My wishlist is SO outdated at this point >_>  I'll have to  play with that some.  

I dunno if addicted is the right word for it, but I keep coming back because I like my little creatures, and it's easy enough/only a few minutes a day to interact with them most of the time. I've played too many phone games (especially) that are really fun in the beginning, but pretty quickly the devs become super greedy and you have to either pay a lot of cash, or be in the game enough that it feels like a second job to keep up.  Aside from a week here and there (like with Altador) in neopets, I've never felt like that.  Even trying to up my bank account like I'm currently trying to do before getting back into buying books, then all the rest of the random collectibles I'll never finish collecting) when I was getting burned out on the old flash games (**sigh**) I could just stop playing them for a bit and not miss tons of stuff or feel like I'd fallen so far behind that I'd never catch up.   Even if TNT IS getting a lot more cash-grabby as time goes, it's nowhere near some of the games that have 1-2 events per week, and you've got to grind for energy for hours a day to be able to get halfway through any of them.  Wait.  What's that you say???  I have hobbies that AREN'T Android Game Clone #1,765,923?  That's wild!

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Hi! My name's Aimee (or Captain_Jade on Neopets) and my sister introduced me to Neopets when I was... I think 11? And the thing that got me so into it was creating stories for my pets! As each plot comes out and I find more ways to build up the stories and "lives" of my pets that pulls me in further, that's probably what's kept me so addicted to it! Plus, going onto the art gallery and beauty contest and seeing other people's Neopets art is SO inspiring, how can I not?

Seeking: Items off of Bonny's Wishlist! She loves books, but she also has some special gifts on her list that'll really make her day... 💚 
Gifting: I can visit your shop or get'cha something off your wishlist!

Also hope you have a lovely day I love u k bye

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Meant to post mine earlier than this but I got really busy with work!

I would have to say that it's probably the people that I've met and also my item collection goals. I also recently (in the last two years) got into NC trading so that's been super fun too! Running TKP (The guild I have) has also been a huge part of what's kept me around too!

Seeking; Anything from my wishlists here! I try to keep all my wishlist's pretty organized so that's why there are so many! LOL

Gifting: Shopping or gifting off wishlists!

UN: rockangel_star

Thanks for the Innocuous Cup of Hot Chocolate & Cursed Coffee Service!

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