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Uh.... whoops?


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So I was on a call with my friend while I was playing my food club bets, and incredibly distracted by the game she was streaming... anyway, long story short, I was NOT paying attention to whether the bets from the FCNC string actually matched up, and...

Well, I think something went just a bit wonky...


Look at those odds. Incredible.

Today's bets are obviously a wash, but at least I got a good laugh out of it! :P Anyone want to start a book on whether or not one of these will miraculously win?

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It's a shame so many of them have a max return. You probably bet the max on all of them (Over 10k) so your end profit will be less.

Also, these are the "participants" for yesterday. You can't even bet on these today, Shipwreck doesn't have a Stripey option for today nor has Harpoon a pegleg option. The only valid bet you have is bet 3 with Buck and Crossblades as far as I can see. Hopefully for you they both win and you don't lose all of those NP!

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Horrified GIFs | Tenor


noooooooooooooooooooooooooo i'm SO (not) shocked! 😆

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