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Happy Aisha Day!


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I personally think that the burlap aisha looks like a creepy voodoo doll so I will pass on that one lol I'm more into that outfit however it looks really cute which is more my style. I have a lot of pets painted royal or faerie so I think if I had an aisha I would look for this outfit becase it has the floaty fairy look that I'm into.

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That Burlap Aisha sure does look... Happy... I think it'd be good for a spooky doll customization, it especially adds to that with the slight tears on its body. Now what could that be from?!

The outfit is wonderful, however! Elegant hair and clothing, gorgeous colors, it feels so mysterious! The smoke is also incredible, I wish it was available for all pets!

Overall, I'd say this was quite the interesting day, Aishas!

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