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Secret Ninja Training math


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Does anyone know the math rules that govern training at the secret ninja training school?  I always thought you couldn't go past 2x your level and then one day I was bringing my hit points (endurance) up and it went over the 2x limit.   I thought I remembered that you could go to 3x with hit points, so for the past few months, I kept going on hit points, grateful that I noticed this before level 300 where it takes two red codestones per course instead of just one.   I got my hit points up to 3x my level a few days ago.  Happiness and joy, right?
But now, I get this error if I try to train in strength or defense:
Error: No statistic can go above twice your pets level (292 x 2 = 584). Your highest statistic is currently Hit Points at 873. Please increase the level of your pet first!
I may be able train in endurance because I could before, but I'm not going to because If I'm reading this right, I may be trapped into only updating level until I get to level 437 (which is half of 873)!
Does anybody know if this is normal behavior?  Was letting me go to 3x hit points a bug?
Here are my pet's stats if anybody wants to check the math.
Lvl : 292
Str : 580
Def : 579
Mov : 245
Hp : 873 / 873
I think I may be stuck doing level training well into Advanced course types, which requires three codestones, which will be a most unrewarding grind.
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Not a bug as far as I know. It has always been like that. For hit points you can get to 3x the level, but for the other stats, you will need to bring your level up to at least half of your highest stat (HP) until you are allowed to train it again to max 2x the level. It can be really annoying if you're not careful and will make you pay a lot of reds a lot sooner that you planned.

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OH nos.  I did the wrong thing then.

I was carefully keeping everything twice my level but got greedy when I "discovered" the three times level limit for HP.   Looks like I can't upgrade my attack or defense until I move up 140 levels or so now.  Would have been much cheaper to stick with keeping everything twice the level.   Let this be a lesson to to kids out there, don't get greedy with ninja training...

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