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  1. Your Hp can go upto 3x your level, but your other stats can only cap at 2x level. To level up, you need to be at the level of half the highest stat, so you now need to be at least level 437 in order level up the other stats.
  2. Yes, golden dubloon is fixed, you can now easily break down your coins into 5-2-2 or 5-2-1.
  3. It’s probably because The Golden Dubloon is broken, used to be able to break down ten dubloon into 5-2-2coins with a 1 dubloon purchase. Now the 100 available slots is forever full, and flash is dead as well.
  4. When you get an error after you update and you click back, the prices you typed in previously are there but the items locations have changed if you sorting them by price and if there are more than 1 unpriced items. So say you have 10 unpriced items, and you clicked back, the prices stays the same but the items locations have changed, so best to always do a f5 to refresh the page. And even tho getting an error after you clicked update, items that you remove are already removed when you click the back button. Page may not refresh when you click back.
  5. It's asking price is 70 million neopoints!!!!!
  6. Probably have nothing else on hand except for that one item. my inventory is always empty since i always use the check all button., i bring out a bunch of junk before taking out expensive item. aint got time to click a bunch of buttons.
  7. Flash is dead, because it’s buggy as hell and most browsers will support HTML5 instead of flash. HTML5 is basically the successor of flash as you don’t require to install anything and it runs off the browser.
  8. Food club, follow popular bets by reddit betters, you mostly will profit. Job agency. Just take jobs that are worth at least 8000, complete in a few seconds and you get 10k, profit is less the price you paid for the items. battledome. sell off the codestones or/and nerkmid if you have premium.
  9. The illusens staff is worth 23.5m and you only need to get her 15 r99 items, if you’re lucky, you’re 15 r99 might total less than 10m or less. If you happen to get a r99 stamp then you can probably quit. But only go for it is there’s a profit from the 23.5m sale.
  10. If you're good in food club betting and can easily manage to win like over a million a day, then why not. If not then just stay on your newer account where you spent so much time on.
  11. Just hope the last one is not an UB. Or a stamp!!!
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