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I'm trying to add some coding to my Shop Description and it appears that display:none doesn't work there. How else am I supposed to hide what I don't want if that code doesn't work??

Basically, what I am going for is a simple shop layout and I want to hide the header, footer, sidebar and all the stuff so I can just have my shop items. But is display:none doesn't work, how can I do that?

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You could try using

display: hidden;

and see if that works. I've never really tinkered with my shop code.

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Did you ever get this figured out? I'm not an expert, still learning, but I can take a look if you want to DM your shop code 🙂

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I did not. I gave up

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Try using overflow: hidden instead. Display is not allowed for some reason. I know there is a way to work around it. You might want to check out the shop coding tutorial on Sunny Neo.

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I figured it out if you're still interested;
here's my shop with the ,sidebar hidden

Here's the code I used;

.sidebar {
	width: 0px !important;
	height: 0px !important;
	border: 0px !important;
	padding: 0px !important;
	overflow: hidden !important;
	float: left;

I also have 

#ad-slug-wrapper, .brand-mamabar, #footer, hr, .user, #pushdown_banner_btf, #ban,

included in there, but the first one is the exact one I used to get rid of it 🙂

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