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Neopet has good stats but still loses?

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Hello! I'm trying to defeat the Mutant Walein for items and even though my stats are, what I believe, pretty good? I got my butt kicked!
I will be honest in saying I don't bring any items besides healing potions into battle but if anyone could help me understand stats better that'd be awesome. Thank you very much. ☺️


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Mutant Walein has a difficulty of 93 on easy. You might win but ONLY if you bring really good weapons and defense items! His HP will be 93 where as yours is only 40, plus he'll be using abilities over and over where as you only have the beginning abilities if you've even learned them to your pet. (Try to get to level 50 for Lens Flare at least!)

Here's some information about the Mutant walein so you'll know what to bring as defense: https://thedailyneopets.com/battledome/challenger-giant-spectral-mutant-walein

And here's some general battle dome information: https://thedailyneopets.com/battledome/introduction-to-the-battledome

Plus a guide for what weapons to pick, depending on the amount of NP you are willing to spend: https://thedailyneopets.com/battledome/basic-battledome-weapon-sets

My stats are this for my battle pet, you don't need them to be this high (I can 1 hit KO him) but you'll certainly need to increase your stats more, get abilities like the above mentioned Lens flare, and get yourself some decent weapons and shields!


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First off, @Duma provided you some very good advice. 🙂

Second, what is your current equipment? (Neopets is down right now, so there's no rush in posting that info yet. 😉 )

Other than HP, your pet's health, the other stats, primarily Strength and Defense, don't mean very much unless you get them to certain levels. Instead of EACH point of strength and defense improving the damage you deal or reducing the damage that you take. Neopets did something, unique, we'll say. You need to get your stats to certain levels to reach what we refer to as Boosts. Each "boost" level is a multiplier for the number of icons a weapon attacks with, or defends with.

The intro to the battledome link that Duma provided is a great starting place! It even explains a bit more in-depth on how the boost and multipliers work. Though I DID notice that the link to the boost list isn't working for some reason. So here's a link to the article that shows the different boost tiers. This way you can know how far you've gotta get your offense and/or defense to the next boost and what the multiplier will be at that stat level.


As for equipment. Hmmmm, I'd like to recommend the Leaf Shield. The green one from Illusen's quests.

If I recall correctly, it's defense was variable... It kinda depended on your defense and offense boosts being the same or defense being higher to do it's best. Given the types of icons that the Mutant Walein's weapons use, that would be a good piece of defensive gear. I would recommend raising your defense to at least the next boost level, which would be to get it to 35 points of defense.

It has a Green Scorchstone for healing, which will heal it 40hp when used. 1p opponents like this can use 1-use items multiple times though, same with faerie abilities.

Your offense boost right now is 2. So whatever weapon you have equipped, if none of it's icons are blocked, it will do double damage based on the icons of that weapon. For example, if you attacked with 1 Scroll of the Scholar, which has 10 icons, and none of them were blocked, you would do 20 damage to your opponent. If you froze him with an item or faerie ability, and attacked with 2 Scrolls of the Scholar, you could do 40 damage that round. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/scroll-of-the-scholar There are better weapons than that, it's just an easy example since it has 10 icons. 😉

If you post your current battle set, and if you've got a budget for how much you want to spend on new equipment (post that too), I'm sure we can help you come up with a set to help. Also, post your current faerie abilities that your pet knows.

If you get your pet to level 50, it can learn the Ability: Lens Flare, which is very useful as it stops an opponent from attacking on the round it is used. Once per battle.

You can view all Faerie abilities here.

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