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Game Caps and Min Scores Refresher

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Just in case anyone else is also scrolling through the retired archives to find this, I suspect the game caps and minimum required scores will be the same this year as they were last year:

Yooyuball: 46 wins/draws 

Slushie Slinger: 86 games (270 points min score)

Make Some Noise: 401 games (2700 points min score)

Shootout Showdown: 401 games (35 points or 1 goal min score) Note you have to play for at least 10 seconds for the game to be valid.


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16 hours ago, Holly_evev said:

For Shootout Showdown, Ive found that I have to submit at least a score of 100 for the game to be valid 🙂

I've double checked and it's not score based - it's time based. You have to wait at least 10 seconds before submitting! I'll edit my post.

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