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100th Runway theme poll!

Choose your favourite themes  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose your favourite themes

    • Showing how your Country/Nation or City/State/Town/Village celebrated or will celebrate its 100th Anniversary (Centennial)
    • A centenary parade - a pet at a parade celebrating 100s of outfit changes
    • Looking Like 100/100K Neopoints: Dress up a Neopet to look like 100 OR 100K Neopoints/Neocash (so either super tacky or expensive-looking)
    • 100 Rounds Old Party: Dress an elderly Neopet for a 100 Rounds Party!
    • 100-year Time Warp: Dress a Neopet like the time traveled either 100 years to the past OR 100 years into the future
    • Create a New Faerie
    • Gold and Silver Anniversary
    • 100th Anniversary Runway Fashion Show
    • Create and name a new pet (using costume items, markings, etc.)
    • Clowns

This poll is closed to new votes

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Alright, I've collected all the suggestions for a theme for the 100th edition of The Runway. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

You can vote for as many themes as you want (including the one(s) you suggested).

I think in some cases similar themes have been done before, but some (like the new faerie one) are so long ago that hardly any of the people regularly entering now will have entered that round, and considering the suggestions for normal themes I've been receiving lately, I think we'll start revisiting older themes soon anyway. :smile:

Some of the themes are already fairly detailed, but in case one of the ones that isn't wins, I might ask the person who suggested it if they have a more specific idea for it. But also feel free to discuss the themes in this thread, and suggest ways to implement it. :D

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I'm having my normal decision-making issues here! 🥴

I'm glad my not very good suggestion isn't gonna win. 😅

12 hours ago, Angeló said:

I like the idea of my country celebrating its 100th anniversary

there's so much history to incorporate into the theme

Me too, but it's whether the items exist to make it possible, isn't it.

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These are great suggestions, I look forward to working on an entry, not to mention seeing what people come up with! :D

(Also, my town is celebrating its 950th anniversary this year, pretty cool!)

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